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Sarvajnapeetam (NSJP)

Lazy man’s abode for enlightenment welcomes you.

Do you want to experience a stress-free, leisure and relaxed lifestyle and get enlightened?

HDH Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam is establishing the Nandi Sarvajnapeetam (NSJP) and reviving the entire tradition of Gaumatha worship & Gauseva as per the Veda-Agamic traditions.




Gaumatha is ascribed in scriptures of Sanathana Hindu Dharma as representation of 33 crores of Gods, Goddesses and highly revered, respected equal to the mother giving birth to you.

Serving her by any means and in her company empowers one with all the traits of enlightenment.


One staying with & serving in Gaushala will simply imbibe the very bio-memory of cows by staying, living  and serving Gaumatha (cows).

It is an ideal solution for completion from all incompletion and inner violence. Gaushala  will transform any being  into an ideal Being like the reverential Gaumatha.





The Nandi Sarvajnapeetam (NSJP) is going to open in various Kailaasa all around the world.Just living with the cows, touching them, serving them, all your violence, anger etc. just melts down. You will become a compassionate and loving being.


This NSJP will be head quartered in Adhi-Kailaasa on Nandi's jeeva samadhi and many Kailaasa's will have dedicated space for Nandi Sarvajna Peetham.

NSJP will be hosting all beings of the world and all genders will co-exist including human beings. 


Join Now

Nandi Sarvajna Petham invite you to be part of it by sharing time, treasure and talent. 

All those who want to live this peaceful lifestyle - just taking care of the cows, living with them and experiencing enlightenment can mail us  or 



Just the power of initiation and listening to guru-vaak -Swethaketu became enlightened just by taking care of guru's cows.

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