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Bhagawan Sri

Nithyananda Paramashivam

Envisioned restoration, reverence and cultural importance of Cows as Gaumantha.

Raised cows status to Mandir and addressed 

it as Nithyananda Gaumandir.

Points to Ponder

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Nithyananda Gaumandir -  a Gaushala established to bring back the glory of Desi Breeds of Cows of Bharath.  Bred and developed by our great Rishis of Vedic era to nourish  and serve the ritual needs.


HDH Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam has stressed about importance of Cows, their smell - power of Go Dhooli. Addressed cow as Gau Matha -Mother, next to biological mother who gave birth and deserves all respect.


He has been campaigning the vegetarian lifestyle for the planet  going against the greedy violent factory farming  and is bringing back the glorious agrarian based society of Vedic era of Bharat.


Nithyananda Gaumandir Project is  maintained by the funds raised as donations from Gaudhaan, Gauseva, Nithya Gaupooja, Offerings from Sarvajna Peetha.


HDH Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivawm  has envisioned  5000 Desi Cows in the Nithyananda Goshala and showcasing to the world as the best Gaushala  and  a place for the  happiest cows  kept  as per the Vedagamic instructions.


Milk from the Desi cows are used  for Rituals and Abhishekam  of Sri Nithyanandeshwara Parashiva Devalaya  and consumed  by Gurukul  and Annalaya  in Bengaluru Aadheenam.

Advent of Avatar

  • He is here for saving the Cows of the world. He is there to restore the Germplasm of Indigenous cows, restoring the glory and importance of the  Desi Breeds of Bharath.

  • Revolutionize the Indian Agriculture by bringing back the Vedic Agrarian reformations  and bring mass vegetarian lifestyle change globally ensuring the end of violent greedy factory – industrial farming .

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  • He established Nithyananda Gaumandir sheltering Desi breeds, regularized Nithya Gaumatha Puja in Nithyanandeswara ParaShiva Devalaya as an early morning ritual, encouraged mass Gauda,  Gaupooja as a traditional, religious act of Sanathana Hindu Dharma, inculcated satvik and dharmic character in his disciples and devotees.

  • He mentioned every human being have their duty to offer gratitude and reverence to the three mothers – Bhoo Matha ( Mother Earth), Shri Matha ( Mother who gave birth ) , Gau Matha ( Cow that fed us with its milk).

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