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Cows in Vedagamic Era

Since Sathya Yuga as evidenced in Vedic, Agamic scriptures, Cows have enjoyed extraordinary importance, reverence and are referred to house 33 crores deities of Sanathana Dharma.

Points to Ponder


Paramashiva  accepted Nandi the Sacred Bull as his vehicle and favorite disciple thus giving highest importance and even today devotees worship Nandi at the entrance before entering the temple of Shiva, beside he is also considered as foremost disciple and excelled both in knowledge and valor thus being the leader of Shiva Ganas.


In Ramayana, cow Nandini- daughter of the Celestial Cow Kamadehenu has been exalted as the bestower of boon to King Dileep under advise of Sage Vasishta. King Dileep had son Raghu. Through the grace of Nandini who became the fore father to Sri Ram referring him to as Ragu Vamshi – Raghu Dynasty.


In Bhagawatha , Mahabarata, Bhagawad Gita – Cows have been given  enormous respect, protection and has been close to the heart of Lord Krishna , one whole community  dedicated to caring of cows apart from Bhagawad Gita also mentions Vaishyas as Natural agriculturists their prime duty to protect the cows.


  • Islamic Invaders and cows : Worst holocaust that dogged Bharath from the time conquest by Islamic invasions. Millions of cows were brutally slaughtered with millions of Hindus by tyrant Islamic rulers. 

  • Every conquest  were accompanied by indiscriminate slaughter of our cows along  with murders, rapes , enslavement of Hindus along with rampant forced conversions to Islam.

  • Cows suffered worst fate along with their Hindu owners  during the savage rule of Islamic Conquerors .

  • In the name of white revolution exotic cows and cross breeding destroyed  desi breeds.

  • The modern India boasted of huge revenues from cattle slaughter and  exports supported by huge industrialized slaughter houses in major cities of India.

  • Vatican and Islam influenced Politics deliberately hurt the sentiments of Hindus by executing ruthless cow slaughter

  • British colonial rule ensured our culture, religious practices and sentiments are completely eroded by their strategic maneuvers .

  • The British influenced India declaring our local – indigenous  Desi breeds of cattle as worthless stock and had to be culled  to replace the desi blood with  exotic bloodline destroying the very DNA maintained by our Rishis from Vedic Days .


Economics of Desi Cows

Their  performance index is far superior to exotic  or cross bred cows.

Desi cows  , though their yield may be low, but equivalent to  twice the quality of exotic cows.

The dung and urine have high commercial value as they convert all roughage into very valuable manure.

Medicinal properties of Desi cows is incomparable, its consumption by pharmaceutical industries has  reached industrial proportions.

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